Wednesday, August 3, 2011

She does not represent me..

In the fibromyalgia, chronic pain, lupus, me/cfs community we have had MANY hurdles to overcome. We have had to prove to our doctors, to our friends, to our families, that we are indeed ill, and we do indeed need treatment for our pain. That our chronic, disabling pain is REAL. That all of 'this' is 'not in our heads'.

Having to overcome these hurdles has only made us stronger, as one, as well as a community whole. Then to have one person so publicly tear down what we have all worked so diligently to over come, is tragic, is heartbreaking.

It is not beneficial to teach those of us in our chronic pain community(as a whole, all inclusive, too many illnesses to name one by one) to snort, cut in half, use rectally, or crush our pain meds or other 'tricks you have learned in rehab'. To teach this, it tragically undermines all the hard work we have ALL AS A COMMUNITY have had to overcome from our own doctors and medical community as a whole. We are not drug seekers. We do not need to be taught such 'tricks'.

These types of people who use such 'tricks' is what causes the medical community to see the chronic pain community, as a whole, as drug seekers. I know for a fact there are other ways to get your pain under control. I have successfully been treated WITHOUT using the drug seeker methods. These should NOT be condoned by anyone, much less taught.

Please be aware of who you are getting your chronic pain support from. While it all may seem in fun, and we can all get caught up in fun! I just want it to be known...

She does not represent me.
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Tyra said...


Nicole said...

Preach it sistah! xx

glrebelmama said...

U go girl!

castilloara said...

I have had many ppl tell me to do those things, but the ppl who were telling me those things were not chronic pain sufferers. Anyone who would tell someone to do those things is an idiot, and either doesn't care if they so call "kill" somebody or is basically just being an ass. I tend to think it's the second possibility.
No matter how bad my pain is, I am not stupid enough to abuse my medications, especially me being a recovering drug addict. Pain medications are given with strict instructions, and they are meant to be aheared to. (did I spell that right?) Oh well.
I definately agree people need to be very careful and selective about who and where they reach out for support.
So AMEN sweetie! =D